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What is the BMS?

The BMS, sometimes called PCB, is a mini computer that will take care of managing several internal factors of the battery. The quality of this critical electronic part for battery safety varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. The main objective of a quality BMS will be to protect the integrity of the battery.

BMS Functions

BMS functions Among its functions, THE BMS will take care of preventing the entry of charging when the temperature of the cells is below zero degrees C, and even preventing charging or discharging when the battery exceeds the temperature of 50 degrees C. In addition, the BMS will cut the energy at the battery terminals when a short circuit is detected, it will also ensure the balancing of the voltage of the cells. Finally, the BMS will take care of managing the internal self-heating system of the battery and data transmission, such as the charge level and the remaining state of life of the cells.

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