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How to choose the right battery? (lithium deep cycle batt for my app).

When it comes to choosing the right battery for your application, there are 3 factors to consider:

  • The operating temperature
  • The power of your inverter
  • The total energy capacity that you will need.
  • If you require that your battery can be charged regardless of the temperature, turn to our self-heating models. Otherwise, be aware that the batteries without the self-heating option can be discharged down to -20, and for some models, up to -30
  • As for your inverter, always keep in mind that your lithium batteries must be able to withstand the amount of direct current that your inverter will exert. You will find details in the technical sheet for each battery.
  • For example, if you have a 2000W inverter, at least turn to our 12V200AH battery, or put 2x 12V100Ah batteries in parallel.

In another case, if you have a 3000W inverter and you make intensive use of it, bet on 3x 100AH ​​batteries. If your usage is fairly moderate, then a 300AH battery will do just fine.

Finally, the energy capacity must be considered. Refer to a professional to help you calculate how much energy you need.

If you want to practice the exercise, know that the calculation is simple. Forget the history of complicated minutes, and rely on the “Ampere” value;
For example, if you are in 12V, and you consume 50 amps per day, then know that this is half of a 100AH ​​battery. This therefore means that a full 100AH ​​battery at the start of your stay will provide you with 2 days of energy, not to mention the contribution that the sun can bring to you.

In closing, keep in mind that a lithium battery will give you at least 2x more energy compared to the AGM battery of the same size. You may find this information useful when switching from acid to lithium. Indeed, if you have 2x 6v batteries in series for example, then a single 12V100AH ​​battery will be practically the equivalent. Remember, the power of the inverter must still be taken into consideration!

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