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How to winterize your Volthium batteries?

When it’s time to winterize your system, we recommend :

  • Ensure that the battery is approximately 80% charged.
    • 100% if left at sub-zero temperatures
    • A room-temperature environment is preferable, but not mandatory
  • Unplug the battery so that it doesn’t drain due to a “phantom” discharge (smoke detector, radio, inverter or other).
    • If you leave it plugged in and use a kill switch, make sure it’s 100% effective. Kill switches are often overridden by devices such as smoke detectors.

No maintenance is required. You won’t have to add water or apply a maintenance charge to the battery. The battery will naturally discharge by around 2% per month during the period when it is not in use.

No need for a cap, the poles are screw-in type, so you can simply place a piece of adhesive tape over them.

If you’re Bluetooth-enabled, the mobile app will show you % charge, voltage, internal temperature and power consumption, confirming that the battery is not discharging.

How does the self-heating system work?

The self-heating system integrated in the Aventura and Industria batteries will automatically activate when necessary. To activate, two conditions must be met:

  • The battery temperature must be below zero.
  • A charging current must reach the battery.

The battery will not draw its own energy to heat itself.

An external power source must provide a minimum amount of current (3A for the 100AH, 6A for the 200AH, 9A for the 300AH) for the self-heating system to activate.

How to estimate your battery's charge percentage ?

To estimate the charge percentage of your battery, you can refer to its voltage and base yourself on the following chart:

Please note that it is preferable for the battery to be at rest for 5 minutes, for the information to be more accurate.

My smart charger can't charge my battery, what's going on?

This can happen when the battery is completely flat. Indeed, a Lithium battery at 10V or less will have no resistance at all. It is as if the polarities were cut to protect the battery. Thus, due to the lack of resistance, a smart charger (non-lithium) might not be able to detect the battery connection.

  • This problem can be solved by connecting a regular (non-intelligent) charger for 1-3 minutes or simply by connecting the battery in parallel with another regular acid battery, as if to boost it. This will have the effect of waking it up in a certain sense. Indeed, the battery will receive a small transfer of energy sufficient to remove the protection activated by the BMS

Can I connect my battery in parallel with a regular battery when charging?

No, it is absolutely not recommended to parallel a LiFePO4 technology with another battery of another brand or technology for a long period of time.

  • For a longer period of time, use a load relay (isolator), or even better, a DC-DC.

  • For a short period of time (60 min and less); it is possible to connect in parallel an acid battery and a lithium battery with the only objective to invigorate it briefly.

Can I put several of your batteries in parallel to increase the capacity?

Yes, you can put up to 4 12V batteries in parallel under certain conditions:

  • The 4 batteries must be batteries manufactured by Volthium and come from the same revision

  • It is mandatory that all batteries are fully charged when initially connected in parallel (check voltage before connection).

Can I make a series connection with your batteries?

Yes, you can connect up to 4 of our 12V batteries in series to add up the voltage. Please respect these instructions:

  • Mandatory; please make the initial connection when all batteries are fully charged (check voltage before connection)

  • NEVER MAKE A SERIAL + PARALLEL CONNECTION with our lithium batteries. Although it will work at first glance, when charging or discharging, you could damage the BMS.

  • The connection in series must be done exclusively between our batteries in order to preserve their perfect integrity. The model number must be identical on each battery.

How long will my lithium battery take to fully charge?

With Lithium LFP technology, the calculation is simple. If you are charging at 10 amps, and your battery is a 12V100AH, then it will take you 10 hours if the battery is completely dead. If you charge at 30A, then it will take 3.3 hours. It’s as simple as that.

I can't charge my battery when it's 0 degrees Celsius, is there something wrong with my battery?

All our batteries include cold charge protection. Since the damage caused by charging below zero Celsius is irreversible in some cases, the battery will not charge under these conditions. In fact, all our batteries are equipped with a cold charge protection system, which prevents the battery from being charged below freezing.

  • The solution is to heat the battery so that the internal temperature reaches 5 degrees Celsius. From that moment on, it will be able to be charged.

  • Another solution is to opt for our self-heating batteries that can charge regardless of the temperature.

My battery suddenly cut out when it was giving full power, is it broken?

Probably not. The lithium battery has the characteristic of giving full potential until the end, thus causing surprise when it is empty. Therefore, you will not feel any slowdowns when the battery is running out.

  • Remember to look at the charge indicator (LCD) from time to time so you don’t get caught short.

  • Avoid prolonged exposure of the battery to sunlight. The use of carrying cases helps prevent overheating caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Do I need to change my battery charger?

  • If you own a trailer (or RV) with solar panels, this is not necessary. Your inverter charger will do 80% of the work, and the missing 20% will be done during the road (alternator / connection to the vehicle) or with your panels.

  • If you have a trailer without solar panels, and you do not intend to add any, then please plan a modification within your inverter/charger.

  • If your use is for fishing, or boating, please bring a new charger if you want to take full advantage of your lithium batteries.

Is it normal if my current charger can't fully charge my battery?

If the charging voltage is below 14.2V, then the answer is yes. However, keep in mind that your current charger will be able to charge your battery, but the charge level reached by the battery will probably be limited to 80%.

Can I connect my lithium batteries to the alternator of my small motorized vehicle?

Yes, but you must have a circuit breaker. As explained earlier, an acid battery should never be in a parallel or series relationship with lithium batteries. Since your alternator is connected to your acid starter battery, you will need to connect a DC-TO-DC circuit isolator. These devices will also prevent stress on your alternator, wiring and batteries, as they will limit the amount of energy that will flow from your alternator to the lithium batteries.

I detect my battery with my application, but the data displayed remains at zero?

This happens when the distance between your device and the battery is too great. The signal is therefore too weak to send the data properly.

The soc percentage displayed in the application is inaccurate in my opinion, is this possible?

The SOC data in the application will adjust and become accurate once the battery is fully charged. The SOC will be accurate after 4 full cycles with the battery.

I have a screen on my battery, but the voltage displayed and the percentage is different, which is the right one; the application or the screen?

The application will give the right information. The voltage on the screen could be different, because the screen rounds to the nearest tenth, while the application rounds to the nearest hundredth.

Can I connect to several batteries at the same time with the volthium application?

No, you will see the batteries individually.

My battery is new and already has 2 cycles, is this normal?

Yes, because the batteries are individually tested before shipping.

The voltage of the battery terminals is different from the voltage indicated in the application, is there a problem?

No, in fact the application will give you the voltage of the internal cell pack, while the battery terminals will give you the voltage at the output of the BMS.

As soon as there is an energy demand, the energy will pass through the BMS and the terminals will give you the same voltage as the application. There can be a difference of up to 0.7 Volt when the battery is in standby mode depending on the battery model you have.

How long does it take to gain 30 degrees Celsius?

A self-heating battery can go from -20 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius in only 2 hours.

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