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Châteauguay, Québec

Choosing Volthium means encouraging local energy

Designed and developed in Quebec, Volthium’s wide range of products aims to optimize performance through the quality of electronic components. Their primary goal is to provide the necessary power for all needs without hassle. Anxious to offer the best energy autonomy, Volthium relies on innovation so that each lithium battery is efficient and durable in addition to being specifically developed for the needs of Canadian customers.

Innovation at the service of performance

volthium innovation

Whether for your recreational vehicle or during your wild camping trips, regardless of the weather conditions we know in Quebec, Volthium lithium batteries are equipped with protection systems against cold or extreme heat loads. In addition, the molds have been redesigned to give access to the electronics located inside the battery for economic and ecological reasons, in addition to increasing the longevity of the product. In short, Volthium makes it possible to optimize the camping experience without depending on a noisy and polluting generator.

More energy power

The biggest distinction of the latest Volthium innovation? Under its standard case, the new lithium battery houses 400 amps! It remains much lighter and recharges four to six times faster than the acid and lead battery. It includes a dual self-heating system (automatic and manual) which makes temperature management very flexible. This battery also has an integrated activation unit and a cooling system. To enable and facilitate the sharing of information, a communication port is incorporated into it.

Volthium’s innovative and high-quality batteries are available from more than forty dealers. For the list or to buy directly from the manufacturer, visit the

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