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Châteauguay, Québec

The 400AH of Volthium

Need lithium batteries for your RV? The best are made here in Quebec.

If you’ve started shopping for lithium batteries for your RV, you’ve surely noticed that there are a lot of them on the market. Several of them try to impress the gallery with colorful technical characteristics. The problem is that the latter are often very impressive on paper. On the other hand, it is often quite different in reality.

Developed by a team of specialized engineers, the all-new Volthium 400AH lithium battery model was perfected for more than a year before its designers were fully satisfied. They wanted it to be powerful, reliable, durable, safe and, above all, perfectly adapted to the rigors of the Canadian climate. The result: an incomparable battery, tested in the field again and again, and which has obtained the prestigious CSA and UL 1973 certifications.

What makes it so efficient?

lithium battery

Its cells, perfectly adapted to our environment

Volthium has chosen to work with high-end Prismatic type cells, exclusively from car manufacturers, best suited to our environment. With supporting tests, they offer unparalleled resistance to vibration and temperature differences. Also be aware that Volthium batteries are only composed of “matched” cells (by the original manufacturer), the only ones that provide equal and consistent performance over the years.

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Don’t be fooled

Cells of reputable brands can be found on the alternative market (grey market). Cells are resold in batches, on well-known commercial websites, or sold to other merchants who, in turn, will seek to sell them to their customers, often hackers. These are actually rejections from manufacturers who have not been able to sell them directly to their customers <because of defects and irregularities during routine> testing.

The best electronic components

lithium battery

For a lithium battery to resist corrosion and be flawlessly reliable under any conditions, no compromise is possible. It is necessary to use the best electronic components and to do business only with manufacturers with an impeccable reputation. 400AH batteries are conceptualized, designed, tested and programmed here in Quebec. This ensures that Volthium has absolute control over the behavior of the battery.

A superior assembly, for a battery that lasts …

The assembly of a lithium battery is a direct result of the quality of the engineering and will be profitable in the medium and long term. One of the distinctive features of Volthium batteries is the custom-made creation of a box that gives free access to electronics. This exclusivity ensures that in case of breakage on a battery, it will not be necessary to change the entire battery bank. If bad luck occurs, only the defective part will need to be changed.

Are you passionate about the subject? Would you like to learn more and maybe even start the camping season with the most powerful lithium battery on the market? These new batteries and the range of Aventura 400AH are sold in the FQCC Boutique, members can take advantage of interesting postal discounts.

Bottom Line: Volthium does business exclusively with cell manufacturers specializing in the automotive industry since their products (including lithium batteries) are considered to be the safest. All of them meet strict internationally recognized quality standards.

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