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Châteauguay, Québec


Lithium batteries designed in Canada

The power of many machines is done thanks to the batteries. This battery is a very important element for their proper functioning. Volthium is a Canadian company specializing in the manufacture of LITHIUM batteries. We operate in the automotive, nautical, industrial, and solar sectors. We are based in the Montérégie sector, in which we develop.

After conquering ONTARIO, we are now operating in Toronto. Our goal in this city is to provide batteries of excellent quality, bringing together the best components on the market. For this purpose, we offer various services in the city of Toronto. We invite you to discover them.

Batteries for Recreational Vehicles in Toronto

Volthium offers custom-made lithium batteries. We test and strengthen them so they can match your needs and adapt easily to the Canadian environment. The company offers you the opportunity to find a high-performance and durable battery for recreational vehicles.

Indeed, the power source of these vehicles largely determines the success of their user experience. The cold climates of Canada and especially Toronto require the use of a HIGH-performance, resistant and long-lasting BATTERY. That’s why we design lithium batteries to replace the lead-acid batteries commonly found on the market.


Solar storage in Toronto

solar storage in London

Volthium is also the manufacture of solar storage units. The ones we offer are high-end. Our solar storage products are of two types. We find wall-mounted batteries and heating batteries.

They are intended for consumers and commercials. In order to live more ecologically, more and more people are choosing to live off-grid. Faced with this choice, it is important to have a reliable and efficient energy bank.

The energy banks offered by Volthium are lighter than the others. The company uses the best self-heating technology across the entire battery range. We equip our batteries with a hybrid temperature control system. Our energy banks adapt to your needs, but above all are designed efficiently according to your budget.

Nautical energy in Toronto

At Volthium, we manufacture batteries with nautical applications. These batteries are used for pleasure boats and sailboats to guarantee you the best experience at sea. The nautical battery or marine battery is a servitude battery generally used by professionals.

It is in high demand and makes it possible to make considerable energy reserves. Similarly, this battery makes it possible to double the thrust power of the electric motor. The batteries we design for water activities charge quickly. Similarly, they are very powerful.

They are manufactured in such a way as to reduce the total weight of the battery park and improve the speed of your machines. They also have an impact on fuel consumption. With Volthium nautical batteries, you choose an outstanding generator.

The batteries are compatible with kayaks, motorboats, trolling engines, sailboats and electric motors.

moteur électrique

Industrial Energy in Toronto

Industrial energy is one of our concerns. Volthium batteries are suitable for industrial use. In the field of industrial machinery, these batteries are suitable for different devices. In particular, we have batteries for forklifts, pallet trucks, elevators, floor machinery, etc.

For industrial use, we design two types of batteries. These are batteries used as energy, backup and batteries manufactured for custom use.

Backup energy

Here, our batteries are manufactured for use in telecommunication towers, for solar microsites, as well as computer server rooms. They undergo rigorous testing by international companies to ensure their reliability, quality and safety.

Our batteries have safety accreditations. Thus, you can be reassured about the level. We offer different models of battery used as backup energy.

Custom battery

Still in the industrial, it is not uncommon to notice the existence of special needs. These industrial energy needs can arise in different departments. To help you satisfy them, we make custom batteries. These batteries are created according to your particular criteria.

medical energy

Medical Energy in Toronto

Volthium is a company that also meets the needs of hospitals, emergency systems and ambulances. Aware of the importance of a good energy supply for medical use, we provide batteries for the various devices used.

Taking into account that these devices must be constantly operational, we offer power solutions to make the system always functional. In this context, we manufacture batteries that meet high quality standards. We are developing collaborative projects in Toronto with the medical profession to keep them responsive at all times. Our batteries provide the necessary medical energy.

Batteries of international standards

For each of our designs, we use world-famous cell manufacturers and partner with the best of them. We collaborate with NASA and the U.S. Army, among others. In TORONTO, we go the extra mile and offer high-performance batteries, no matter what industry it will be used in.

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