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Lithium batteries designed in Canada

Volthium is a Canadian company specializing in the design of energy storage units. It manufactures lithium batteries with the best components to make them quality and high-performance equipment.

In the fields of automotive, medicine, marine navigation and industry in particular, Volthium works to bring the best batteries to market. Discover the services of this company in the beautiful city of London!

Recreational Vehicle Lithium Battery in London

London is a city with plenty of activities to discover. To have great freedom during your visits, having an atypical means of transport such as a recreational vehicle is an excellent option.

This is a vehicle that presents both short-term accommodation usually used for holidays. A recreational vehicle can be driven, pulled or transported.

The proper functioning of a recreational vehicle requires a permanent availability of energy. The Canadian company Volthium’s mission is to equip recreational vehicles used in London with high-performance and durable batteries.

These batteries provide vehicles with the power to make an excellent experience throughout its use. They are available in many other cities including TORONTO and ONTARIO.

Volthium batteries effectively replace lead-acid batteries that are very present on the market. They can be used on a vanlife skoolie or on a trailer (camper carried). You will be able to have an excellent car battery voltage.

These LITHIUM batteries make it possible to keep a good power supply on all the devices of the vehicle without depending on a generator often noisy and polluting. In addition, they are compatible with DC charger, charge controller, battery monitor, etc.


Lithium solar storage battery in London

solar storage in London

In order to curb environmental pollution and better participate in its protection, many people opt for the consumption of clean energy. This is the case of solar energy converted into electrical energy for domestic or even industrial use.

Londoners are increasingly making this choice and are living off the electricity distribution grid. For this, the company Volthium manufactures models of solar battery that can be installed in a system to store the energy produced. These include wall-mounted batteries and heating batteries.

For cottages or self-contained homes, the company recommends 12 V, 24 V or 48 V batteries. For other commercial or industrial installations, on the other hand, there are 51.2 V batteries as a solar solution.

These lithium batteries can be used for domestic needs or for professional needs. Depending on the use, they can last 7 to 9 days before being recharged without any damage being caused. Volthium also makes it possible to make the best experience of the RV especially with the vr class a diesel.

Nautical energy in London

London offers the opportunity to practice a host of water activities with different machines. Volthium batteries can be of great use for each of its activities.


Electric motors

Alternatively to using a gasoline engine for a nautical trip to London, you can opt for an electric motor in your machine. With the renewable energies used to recharge Volthium batteries, this type of engine gives the boat proper propulsion. In addition, this solution does not produce disturbing odors or noises from engines.

moteur électrique

Lithium storage battery

You have every interest in opting for a Volthium BATTERY when you are aboard a sailboat in London. They provide two to three times more power in the same space.

Similarly, they reduce the total weight of the boat (with only 1/3 of the weight of acid batteries) and allow 100% use of the capacity in amps/hour. In addition, they charge up to 5 times faster.

Trolling engines

Lead-acid batteries cause problems related to the total weight of the boat as well as its energy capacity. Volthium batteries, on the other hand, make these problems obsolete. The latter are efficient and provide 2 to 3 times more power than standard batteries.

Industrial Energy in London

Volthium batteries are also present in the industry. They can be mounted on pallet trucks, forklifts, floor machinery or elevators. They are an energy solution that embeds different technologies. This energy is developed for various uses in the industrial world.

In addition, Volthium is able to manufacture batteries according to specific needs. They are tailor-made and can take different physical formats. In addition, all batteries have high-level accreditations such as CSA C22.2, UL489, UL1077, UL1977, UL1973, UL1642 and UL9540A.

medical energy

Medical Energy in London

Energy is a primary resource in the medical system. Volthium also contributes to the improvement of this system with its 12 V or 24 V batteries. They have the necessary quality to offer communication connectivity and the operation of different medical equipment.

These include endoscopes, oxygen concentrators, CPAP, mobile medical carts, vaccine and antibiotic refrigerators, infusion pumps and X-ray machines. Similarly, London ambulances are mostly equipped with Volthium batteries.

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