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Châteauguay, Québec


At Volthium, we develop battery systems for many commercial industries.

Industrial machinery

We have in our catalog 24V 50AH batteries in GC2 format, or in group 31 format, which are perfectly suited for pallet trucks, forklifts, floor machinery or elevators.

Trucking and transportation industry

We have energy solutions that are tailor-made for truckers.
In fact, all of our batteries are reinforced to counteract the extreme vibrations that are usually found in service vehicles or transport trucks.
In addition, we offer various exclusive technologies, such as communication for the management systems, remote access to the batteries, and self-heating technology that allows us to operate down to -35º Celsius.

We manufacture our batteries in different physical formats in order to be agile towards the demand, and in all voltages.
Whether it is a 12V 400AH battery, or a 51.2V 200AH battery, we have what you need!

Emergency power

We manufacture rackmount batteries that are custom made for telecommunication towers, computer server rooms and solar microsites.

Our batteries are rigorously tested by internationally recognized companies such as Intertek, and have high level safety accreditations including CSA C22.2, UL489, UL1077, UL1977, UL1973, UL1642, and UL9540A for certain special-order models.

Custom Batteries

Volthium manufactures custom batteries right here for special needs. Write to us and a member of the sales department will be happy to brainstorm with you!

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