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Châteauguay, Québec


Lithium batteries designed in Canada

Do you live in Sudbury and are you planning to buy a battery shortly? Whether for an industrial or individual project, opt for a local supplier who knows the needs of your region. In this case, Volthium designs and provides you with lithium batteries whose performance is adapted to all the geographical and climatic constraints of Ontario. This purely Canadian producer is able to deliver custom-made batteries as soon as possible. Here are some uses attached to its offer.

Recreational Vehicle in Sudbury

If there is one experience that should never be wasted, it is that of a recreational outing. It is necessary to think about equipping yourself properly and to reduce as much as possible the risk of car breakdowns. In this context, it appears essential to install a battery that provides all the power necessary for the course. Indeed, in a region subject to cold like nowhere else, energy is vital.

In any case, Volthium, your specialized supplier, provides you with batteries whose components make it possible to obtain performance adapted to Sudbury’s climate. Said components come from a renowned manufacturer famous for these contracts with the US military and NASA.

With our lithium batteries, no more hassle in travel courses. They have a charging speed (possible via solar panels) 4 times faster than traditional lead-acid batteries. You will thus have a constant autonomy obscuring the dependence on a noisy and polluting generator. Moreover, our batteries emit no gas and are safely installed inside your vehicle.


Solar storage

solar storage in London

Taking precautions to enjoy energy autonomy generally involves solar storage. This is an energy storage action to meet any possible needs in the field. The option is of particular interest to individuals seeking autonomy for their homes or cottages, companies with great energy needs, etc.

In Northern Ontario, Volthium offers batteries that meet different storage needs. If you want to live entirely outside the standard energy grid in order to satisfy an ecological ambition, we provide you with 48V batteries; sources of permanent autonomy at home. Our offer also includes high-intensity storage (51.2 V) according to your needs.

Nautical energy in Sudbury

Volthium batteries are a real success in the nautical sector. Indeed, in this area, individuals are looking for quality above all else. Sailing with reassuring energy reserves with the possibility of fast charging is what we offer you. Our batteries multiply the power of your boats by two or even three.

In addition, all our products receive the certifications (UL1642, UL1973) recognized by nautical insurance. They are designed to limit internal heat accumulation to ensure their longevity and safety on board your ship. In addition, our batteries remain relatively light in terms of weight so that the speed of the boat as well as its fuel consumption are optimized.

If you nevertheless prefer machines with electric motors, our lithium batteries will perfectly match this use. In summer as in winter, you will get the necessary propulsion to sail and you will not need to implement any specific maintenance. Your boat will operate entirely on the basis of renewable energies.

moteur électrique

Industrial uses

For your industrial projects, we have standard and personalized offers.

Standard offers

Whether for industrial machinery, the transport industry or emergency energies in telecommunications, computer server rooms, solar microsites …; Volthium offers an adapted offer. Indeed, having studied Canada’s specific needs in this area, we have designed batteries with the corresponding storage capacities.

Obviously, our methodology for testing product quality reveals extreme thoroughness. Precisely, we subject these batteries to the use of world-renowned companies such as Intertek for the implementation of controls. In addition, we have received, in several order contexts, high-level security accreditations including CSA C22.2, UL489, UL1077, UL1977, UL1973, UL1642, etc.

Tailor-made offers

Do you have any special needs in your business? No worries, Volthium receives special orders to design fully customized batteries. Just write to us and then you will get technical support from the emergence of an idea to the complete establishment of your product.

medical energy

The medical sector

The medical sector is one of the branches of activity where energy availability can appear as literally a vital issue. Volthium is pleased to serve this branch with high quality batteries. Our many projects in collaboration with Quebec’s paramedical, hospital and medical aircraft cooperatives are irrefutable proof of the high quality standards we meet.

Volthium, a reference company

Today, the reliability of Volthium is no longer something to be demonstrated. Based in Montérégie with more than 25 years of experience in the field of lithium batteries, its deployment in Toronto, Sudbury and other Ontario cities makes it more responsive to all your orders across Canada.

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