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Châteauguay, Québec

Volthium UPS Solutions

At Volthium, we develop electrical backup systems to counter power outages in various industries. Our backup systems are often referred to by customers as ‘green generators’. In reality, they are large capacity UPS (uninterruptible power supply) systems, capable of competing with large industrial generators, but with different advantages.

Our UPS solutions are available in all sizes, whether it’s to save a single power outlet or to save all the circuits in the electrical panel. The main advantage of our solutions is that there is absolutely no ‘glitch’ (failure) when activating the batteries in the event of a power outage.

Two different scenarios are possible with our UPS solutions:
1- Autonomous system without a generator

Our solutions can completely replace a generator, which is convenient when the installation of a generator is too expensive or when it is not possible to install one.

Example of a fully autonomous installation:

2- UPS system as a complement to a generator

Our solution can be installed in conjunction with the generator to eliminate the power interruption between the moment of the outage and the start of the generator. This downtime, which can last between 10 and 25 seconds, is very damaging to a business’s operations.
Our systems will take over almost instantly (10ms) while waiting for the generator to start.

Example of an installation complementing a generator:

Presentations of our various solutions:
Safety and continuity guaranteed!

By installing an energy backup system, you maintain a reliable source of energy to power your facilities during power outages, and you can continue your operations without interruption thanks to our systems with automatic electrical redundancy!

We match your needs!

We tailor our turnkey solutions to your needs. Continue your operations during power outages without losing any time!

Bronze plan

Autonomy of 10 hours!
Maximum Power: 30A @ 120V

  • Refrigerator + Microwave
  • Wifi
  • Telephone System
  • Camera
  • Wired Internet Outlets
  • 5.12KWh reserve
Plan argent

Autonomy of 10 hours!
Maximum Power: 30A @ 120/240V, Peak 40A

  • Bronze plan
  • Reception Desk
    • Computers x2
    • Printer and Scanner
    • Interactive Terminal Phone
  • 10.24KWh reserve
Gold plan

Autonomy of 15 hours!
Maximum Power: 30A @ 120/240V, Peak 40A

  • Silver plan
  • Lighting of the reception hall (LED)
  • Director’s office
    • Electrical outlets in the director’s office
  • 15.36KWh reserve
Diamond plan

Autonomy of 5 hours! (extensible to 36 hours)
Maximum Power: 30A @ 120/208/240V, Peak 40A

  • Gold plan
  • Main Point of Sale (Cash Register)
  • Higher Power
  • Solar Panel
  • Input 10.24KWh reserve
Examples of installation:
Examples of rack installation:
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