12V 100AH Hybrid Battery – Engine cranking / Deep Cycle

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  • Description

This lithium-hybrid battery model with alternator protection system is unique in North America.

Perfectly adapted to the nautical world with its IP66 certification, it is an 800CCA lithium engine starting battery, but at the same time it allows to be discharged completely, without any damage to the battery.

This lithium-hybrid battery is the perfect model for fishing. Indeed, it will be able to start the engine, and in addition to be used for the 12V accessories.

This LFP Group 31 12V 100AH battery also includes our alternator protection technology. This manifests itself by disabling the incoming load when the current exceeds 30AMP. This is to protect the integrity of the alternator while making installation as easy as possible for the end user.

That's right, no specialized labor is required for installation, it is plug and play!

This is the only lithium battery on the market that will preserve your marine engine's warranty.

This model includes cold charge protection, and it provides 2x the energy of a traditional lead acid battery.

Never before has a lithium battery given such a tremendous performance as those offered by our product line.
The profitability is assured for at least 10 years, and certainly more!

Our BMS technology, powered by TexasInstrument, is specially designed for the rigors of the Canadian environment. Combined with our Grade A+ Cells (a supplier famous for its contracts with LG Chem, Audi, BMW, and Tesla), you're assured of having the best lithium battery in North America.

Easy and quick to install, and weighing 2X LIGHTER than a conventional battery, our lithium batteries offer you shorter charging times and an energy capacity that won't run out over the years.

At Volthium, we've made it our mission to bring together the best parts available from each industry to offer the best batteries! Cells, BMS, assembly engineering, it's all there.



  • Engine alternator protection technology
  • IP66 marine certification
  • 25lbs
  • Cold load protection
  • Quebec engineering
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Peak 800A (1s)
  • Peak 500A (30sec)
  • Up to 4 batteries in series (up to 51.2V)


  • 1 X 12V 100AH Hybrid Battery - engine cranking / deep cycle