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Châteauguay, Québec


Lithium batteries designed in Canada

Volthium is a company specialized in the manufacture and marketing of qualitative energy sources. More specifically, we are talking about high-performance lithium batteries to meet the energy needs of various sectors. Volthium’s products are characterized for the use of quality cells and advanced assembly techniques. Based in the Montérégie region, the company began its expansion to settle in Cambridge. The city will now be able to enjoy volthium’s exceptional services.

Recreational vehicle in Cambridge

Recreational vehicles (Vr) are motorized vehicles that allow you to combine the comfort of a home with the mobility of a conventional vehicle. They are heavily equipped; which requires a considerable supply of energy. With batteries LITHIUMfrom Volthium, your recreational vehicle will be even more efficient.

You can say goodbye to battery parks which, in addition to discharging very quickly, are quite noisy. A Volthium BATTERY is enough to significantly improve your RV experience . If you live in Cambridge, you will have no trouble enjoying it on your vr class a diesel or your trailer in the best way.

For good measure, a Volthium storage battery for vehicle is compatible with multiple devices. These include inverters and chargers. They combine solidity and practicality while offering a Adequate car battery voltage for your greatest happiness.


Solar storage in Cambridge

solar storage in London

The development of clean energy technologies is making rapid progress. This is justified by the fact that the related ecological objectives are becoming more and more pressing. TheRenewable energy therefore appears to be the ideal alternative. In order to contribute to the achievement of these objectives, Volthium is making available to the inhabitants of Cambridge aSustainable solar storage.

If you decide to achieve energy self-sufficiency in Cambridge, this solution will come in handy. Made to accumulate theSolar energy efficiently, this Solar Battery is less heavy and more resistant. Equipped with self-heating technology, it adapts perfectly to cold periods without losing its efficiency. In addition, it has a satisfactory autonomy. You can find 12, 24, or 48 V volts to meet your needs. This is a Versatile solar solution.

Nautical Energy in Cambridge

In Cambridge, there are several ways to enjoy water activities of all kinds. Between fishing tours and boat trips, you have the choice. All these machines require a significant supply of energy to operate properly. With a Volthium marine battery, this Nautical Energy will be at hand.

moteur électrique

Whether for competitions or fun, you will have a Marine Battery with ul1642 or UL1973 boating safety certifications. For an even longer service life, it is made to dissipate the heat produced. In addition, the high charging speed is a significant strength.

You can get a Volthium battery if you have a sailboat, motorboat or even kayak. Whichever machine you have, improved performance is guaranteed.

Industrial lithium energy batteries in Cambridge

Volthium batteries are also present in the industry. They can be mounted on pallet trucks, forklifts, floor machinery or elevators. They are an energy solution that embeds different technologies. This energy is developed for various uses in the industrial world.

In addition, Volthium is able to manufacture batteries according to specific needs. They are tailor-made and can take different physical formats. In addition, all batteries have high-level accreditations such as CSA C22.2, UL489, UL1077, UL1977, UL1973, UL1642 and UL9540A.

medical energy

Medical Energy

In recent decades, advances in medical technology have made significant leaps forward. The latter have made it possible to put machines at the service of health. To work, they need a good Medical Energy that Volthium is committed to providing in TORONTO, CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO and elsewhere.

It is possible to have batteries for ambulances, emergency medical aircraft and many other machines. This includes endoscopes, medical carts or vaccine refrigerators. In other words, Volthium has provided a solution for all medical equipment that needs energy.

The Volthium method

The quality and durability of the batteries offered by Volthium are based on a well-defined method with several steps.

Quality control of lithium batteries

All assembled batteries systematically go through this examination. It aims at the detection of imperfections with a view to immediate correction. The specifications are meticulously studied to ensure the conformity of the products obtained.

Control of the internal BMS (Battery Management System)

The BMS is the system that regulates the charging and discharging of batteries. A review phase is reserved for it in view of its importance. A good quality BMS contributes a lot to the durability and efficiency of the battery.

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