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Châteauguay, Québec

Activity sectors

At Volthium, our goal is to provide you with all the power you need for a hassle-free RV experience. We build batteries that perform and last, especially in the cold climates that only Canadians know. Our batteries are designed to replace the most common lead acid batteries on the market.

This product category is divided into 2 types of customers.
On the one hand, there are the general public consumers, whose needs are often intended for cottages (12V-24V), or autonomous houses (48V). This clientele loves our wall-mounted batteries, our heating batteries, and the wide variety of products we can offer them.

Volthium batteries are used in many marine applications. We manufacture high quality house batteries to provide all the energy needed by sailboats and pleasure boats when they are out on the water.

Volthium batteries are also highly valued by fishing enthusiasts, and even more so by professional competition fishermen.

At Volthium, we develop battery systems for many commercial industries.

Industrial machinery,Trucking and transportation industry,Emergency power, Custom Batteries

Hospitals, ambulances or emergency medical aircraft have many accessories to operate on DC power.
Indeed, we find endoscopes, oxygen concentrators, CPAP, mobile medical carts, vaccine and antibiotic refrigerators, infusion pumps or X-ray machines.

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