Châteauguay, Québec


Hospitals, ambulances or emergency medical aircraft have many accessories to operate on DC power.

Endoscopes, oxygen concentrators, CPAP, mobile medical carts, vaccine and antibiotic refrigerators, infusion pumps or X-ray machines.

Volthium Energy is proud to contribute to the collective health by serving this industry with our 12V and 24V batteries.

Our 12V and 24V batteries meet the high quality standards that qualify in this industry, in addition to offering the necessary communication connectivity for charge management systems or other controllers (RS485, RS232).

We have carried out multiple projects in collaboration with paramedical cooperatives, hospitals and medical aircraft in Quebec.

12V 100AH Battery – Low temp cut off protection
999,98 $
LiFePO4 10A-CSA Charger
139,98 $
12V 100AH Battery – Self-Heating
1199,98 $
LiFePO4 15A-CSA Charger Victron
214,98 $
12V 300AH Battery – DUAL Self-Heating Technology
3249,98 $
12V 200AH Battery – SELF-HEATING – DUAL Technology
2224,98 $
12V 50A Battery
599,98 $
Butterfly Screw M8 Stainless Steel
19,99 $
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