12V 200AH Battery – 4D Size

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  • Description

Never before has a lithium battery given such an amazing performance as those offered by our product line.

The profitability is assured for at least 10 years, and certainly more!

Please note that this product is also available with the Self Heating feature, look for "SC12200G4DPH".

Access to the BMS configuration is easily accessible via a communication port. This allows for the addition of features and provides the ability to have a custom configuration.

Our BMS technology (powered by TexasInstrument) specially designed for the harsh Canadian environment, coupled with our Grade A+ Cells (supplier famous for its contracts with LG Chem, Audi, BMW, and Tesla), ensures you have the best battery in North America.

Our lithium batteries offer you a shorter charge time and an energy capacity that does not run out over the years.

At Volthium, we make it our mission to bring together the best parts available from each of the industries and put them together in one battery! Cells, BMS, assembly engineering, it's all there.


  • 53 lbs weight
  • Communication port for BMS customization
  • Quebec engineering
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Peak 200A (30s)
  • Peak 300A (3sec)
  • Up to 4 batteries in series (up to 51.2V)
  • No Bluetooth feature


  • 1 X  12V 200AH Battery